My Review Policy

Dear Interested Brands,
I am honored that you would select my blog to promote and review your items but please take note of the following criteria I hold myself to:

  • Sponsors are always a priority on this blog and I ensure you that sponsored posts will always be high quality.
  • I will only post reviews of items that I personally like. The sole purpose of this blog is to help lead my readers to brands that they will enjoy in the future. Please do not be offended if I decide against posting a review on your item due to a disinterest or disconnect between an item and my desired audience.
  • I am also always interested in guest post opportunities or collaborations within the blogging world. If you're interested in collabing in the near future please contact me with my business email, just list Simply Avalon Collab in the subject line.
  • Contact me with Simply Avalon in the subject line.
 Business Email:
(I will respond only to emails with the criteria listed above)