My Review Policy

Dear Interested Brands,
I am honored that you would select my blog to promote and review your items but please take note of the following criteria I hold myself to:
  • Sponsors are always a priority on this blog and I ensure you that sponsored posts will always be high quality.
  • I will only post reviews of items that I personally like. The sole purpose of this blog is to help lead my readers to brands that they will enjoy in the future. Please do not be offended if I decide against posting a review on your item due to a disinterest or disconnect between an item and my desired audience.
  • Contact me with Simply Avalon in the subject line.
 Business Email:
(I will only respond to emails with the criteria listed above)

To Authors and Publishers
I love to read especially during my free time. Please do not hesitate in contacting me about events, interviews, reviews, and giveaways. Although I love many genres my favorites include young adult, romance, science fiction, and fantasy novels. 

Yes, you can send me the book through kindle but I would prefer a physical hardcopy instead.

To Other Blogggers
I love collaborating with other bloggers within the book and youtube community and would love to work with you on a project. If you're interested in collabing in the near future please contact me with my business email and list Simply Avalon Collab in the subject line. 

My Rating System
five-stars (5/5)= AMAZING!! You need to read this ASAP. 
four-stars (4/5)= I really liked it.
three-stars (3/5)= It was okay.
two-stars (2/5)= I didn't like it.
one-star (1/5)= Wasn't my cup of tea would not recommend.